Will the real day 1 please stand up….

So after the post 2 days ago I drank for the next two days, not a silly amount but more than I wanted to, It was part peer pressure ‘last day of holidays etc etc’ and part feeling so bloody grotty that a drink felt like the only thing that would make it better, which I know is bullshit but I also just didn’t have the energy to fight it.

Anyways I’m now back home and ready to put my all into it. I had a good night sleep last night in my own bed, had a long hot shower this morning and blew away all the cobwebs, I’ve relaxed and tried to drink loads of water, something I have been sadly lacking doing the past few months which has left me tired and dehydrated. I ordered a takeaway for us all for dinner as I just couldn’t be arsed cooking and am planning on crawling into bed about 8.30pm with my book. I am so looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning hangover free.

I have so many exciting plans coming up in the rest of this year and to fully enjoy them and orchestrate them I need to be present in each day.

Day 1 is finally over.


2 thoughts on “Will the real day 1 please stand up….

  1. You’ll have so much focus and clarity to achieve your plans for this year without the booze, I promise. I thought it was just “what everyone says”, but it’s true! This time in 4 months, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve managed to get done. Can’t wait to hear all about your plans and how they are tracking.


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