Day 1 for the zillionth time

I’ve woken at 4am this morning on day 6 of a 1 week holiday, I have drank every night but one. I have the shakes, I feel depressed with my self loathing going through the roof, my eyes are all red, my skin is dry and the taste in my mouth ergh don’t even go there.

I am so so sick and tired of this mentally exhausting roundabout. I did 4 months sober from from October to February, then started again with one simple glass of wine, I honestly don’t know why I started again because I was feeling great, I was exercising, eating healthy, I felt well both mentally and physically. Compare that to today and it’s just madness what I am doing to myself and my body.

Today just has to be day 1, tomorrow I can head home hangover free with my head held high.

Now just to get through today.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 for the zillionth time

    1. Thanks Anne, you have coped so amazingly with all that’s going on in your life at the moment, you are an inspiration.
      I do deserve this and what’s more I need it, sobriety suits me and it is the only way forward.
      Thank you xx


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