The holiday is going great, we have had amazing weather, delicious fresh local foods and lots of sea, sand and sun.

I am 11 days into the 1 month holiday, I have unfortunately drank once. It was after the one day we met up with friends at a water park, the park was great fun, fab rides and lots of chaos, it then took us 1.5 hours to get back to our villa, we opted for the quick in/out local pizza restaurant, but the wine pull was just to great, I was tired, hungry, thirsty – all the things that you shouldn’t be when around booze. Anyways I had 3 glasses of wine, slept badly, felt like crap the next day and haven’t touched it since.

Bar that one night I am feeling refreshed, relaxed and well rested.

We have friends arriving in 3 days to stay for a week – must stay strong!!!


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