Day 2

Day 2 is always a good day isn’t it, you feel a new sense of hope, you feel a million times better than day 1 and life just feels better in general – long may it last.

I had a lovely day 2 today, I met a friend for brunch, I had a pedicure – nice bright pink for the summer, I brought a small sparkly notebook that I am going to fill with things to do instead of drink and inspirational quotes; its nice and small so it can fit into any handbag I choose to use, I brought a gorgeous smelly candle for my nice long hot baths that I am going to have instead of booze. Soon I will go and pick my girls up, they have no after school clubs today so I am thinking maybe a nice walk to the lovely cafe on the river for ice creams. BBQ and a very early night tonight.

Yes today is a good day 2

Today I am grateful for:

  • Pedicurists
  • Sunshine
  • Friends who brunch instead of booze

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