Day 1 – sigh

Shouldn’t have gone to the pub last night, maybe a part of me knew that but I just didn’t feel I could cancel plus I did really want to go, I wanted to be out with friends enjoying myself. I’m not sure why I ended up drinking, maybe a reward for getting through Ireland sober, maybe a reward for the new job, who the fuck knows. I started out with 2 AF beers and a pint of lime and soda, I ended with 2 glasses of wine, not much I know but I’m really disappointed in myself and I feel like shite this morning, its mad a year ago 2 glass of wine and I would have felt as fresh as a daisy the next day, now 2 glasses and I wake with a headache, the thirsts, groggy, blergh stomach, bad taste in mouth, small eyes plus all the feelings of shame and depression – So  NOT worth it.


9 thoughts on “Day 1 – sigh

  1. I find the most stressful and difficult times are post event. Honestly, the mind is a tricky thing. We only have so much energy. That’s why support is so vital. For when we are low.

    You had an excellent, sober trip. That’s huge. These two glasses of wine are just a sign that wine is not necessary for a fun time. Sometimes we have to try, even if it hurts us.

    Don’t drink today. Feel good. Last night is done.

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    1. Thanks Anne, Its so true the post event things are what I struggle with most, I can plan the event – what to drink, when to leave, what to do etc but its the days after I falter.
      Wine is definitely NOT needed for a fun time.
      Back on track xx

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  2. I agree with functioningguzzler – get right back on that sober train. And learn from last night. Really think about what you did and how it made you feel. Every day is a struggle, but one sober day is worth all the drunk ones. Just take it one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up too much. Hugs, A

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    1. One day at a time is right, I’m still trying to piece together what exactly went wrong so I can put shields in place for next time xx


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