day 9 Ireland

Didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday as our flight was delayed by 3 hours – 3 bloody hours! Of course we didn’t know this till we’d arrived at the airport early so we could relax and have nandos, well definitely no need to rush through dinner. We eventually boarded the plane at 11pm took off at 11.30, arrived 12.30am and got to the sister in laws at 1.30am.

At Nando’s I drank unlimited soft drinks (gotta love Nando’s), while waiting for the plane I had Diet Coke, on the plane I had Pepsi and when we finally arrived we all fell into bed.

the weather was gorgeous today and we spent it on the beach, on the way home we stopped so I could get some AF beers (becks blue – result!) and now I am running a nice hot bath before having an early night.

So far so good on project Ireland



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