I drank yesterday at the school fair, crap, it was out of the blue and it was a situation I just hadn’t thought would happen. I was having a great day at the fair, had spent the morning helping set up and man stalls, I had just sat down with hubby and some friends to have a bit of lunch and a chat when one of the mums opened up a bottle of wine and poured everyone a glass, I drank it, I know it sounds so stupid, why didn’t I just say ‘no thanks’ ‘I’m driving’ something anything, I think it was more the fact that I wasn’t even asked do you want a drink, for this situation I had practiced my ‘no thank yous’ but to just have it put into my hand with no question just threw me, I know its sounding more and more pathetic but there we go, it was a situation I wasn’t prepared for and I failed. Maybe it would have been ok if I stopped at that one glass but I had 3 more and then me and hubby went to the pub and had 3 more and then came home and finished off a bottle of wine – blergh.

I feel like shite today – understandably. But once again I am reminded of why me and wine are not a good fit, drinking usually results in two endings, either I manage to moderate and only have 2 glasses of wine, I then feel all proud and think ‘look I don’t have a problem, I can drink sensibly’ which then results in me drinking more and more each night till I end up in an awful state’ or I just go for it from the beginning and end up in an awful state – see me and wine do not mix.

So heres to another day one – hopefully this one with a different ending.


8 thoughts on “Day 1 AGAIN

    1. Thanks Anne, I have been to meetings in the past and they just don’t do it for me. I know I probably need something else more – I’m just not sure what that something else is yet xx


      1. I think I have to remember to focus on only my sobriety, the diet doesn’t matter, the spick and span house doesn’t matter, all that matters is NOT drinking, well that and treats of course xx

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