Day 11

Had awful cravings this afternoon on the way home after picking up my daughter from school, think it was for a number of reasons,

1.  I’m feeling rundown in general, sore throat, heavy chest, chesty cough, fuzzy head, tired etc

2. I’ve been working hard with the other parents to get things ready for the school fair this Sunday, this has involved lots of sorting of crap toys, its been time consuming and all the other mums have gone on and on about how we deserve wine for all the effort we’ve put in.

3. Flashbacks of last year fair when after 7 hours of hard work hubby and I ended up in the pub in the sunshine drinking. The flashbacks are of nice memories but if I really think about it the first 2 glasses were nice then things went hazy and I remember thinking ‘oh dear people are looking at me cause I’m tipsy’, I wasn’t really bad but I remember waking up the next morning feeling embarrassed and hungover.

Anyway I made it home, grabbed a becks blue and hopped straight in the bath for an hour, the feelings have gone and I’m now looking forward to a Chinese takeaway and a very early night.


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