Day 10

Double digits YAY!

Absolutely terrible night sleep last night and it was all my own fault, I know I shouldn’t drink tea at least 2 hours before bed time, it doesn’t matter that I have extremely weak tea (gnats piss as my husband calls it) I just shouldn’t do it and last night I had 2 cups of tea just before bed. It resulted in an awful nights sleep, I had  problems getting to sleep, I woke often through the night, I had odd dreams and I woke knackered. Also feeling a bit run down in general, sore throat etc. So today after school drop off I came home I lay down outside on a sun lounger in the garden and I slept for 2 hours, I usually NEVER nap, it usually doesn’t suit me i.e. I wake up feeling worse than before I napped and I never quite fully wake up for the rest of the day. This however was a lovely refreshing sleep that improved my mood all round.

I think a takeaway for dinner tonight as I just cannot be arsed cooking.


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