Day 7

1 week down! And in a complete turn around from yesterday my mood is so much better, brighter and happier. These moods make my head go crazy, one minute I’m honestly thinking about going to the doctor to ask for anti depressants, the next minute I’m skipping happily along lalalalalala.

Its a beautiful day here and I’ve spent most of it with my nose in the computer doing a job application, I have not applied for a new job in a very very very long time, these job applications are hard work, its using up all my brain power. I did however get away for a nice stroll along the river with hubby and the dog, we stopped off at a lovely coffee shop and relaxed in the sun.

Today is good x


3 thoughts on “Day 7

      1. Yes. And, if not, an antidepressant has saved me.
        My downs just became too severe.

        Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. Or try some natural things.


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