Day 5

Last night we had two other children come for a sleepover, they are nice kids and no real bother, the kids got along well, had a lovely nutritious meal of chicken nuggets, pizza and chips, then suddenly at bed time the 10 year old discovered he had a very bad tummy (homesickness), he told me his mum had said he could ho home if it was sore, I felt for him, I really did, but I did not want him going home on my watch, I didn’t want to be the mum that has to deliver kids home at midnight cause she cannot deal with pangs of homesickness, however I was also so grateful that if I HAD to take him home I could – cause I was sober. Anyways I dosed him up on calpol and he slept through the night – well till 5.30am anyways (yawn).

The last night I drank we had friends with kids over for a BBQ, one of the kids slipped over and was positive she had broken her wrist, he mother, thankfully, was driving and had had only half a glass of bubbles, she was able to take her to the hospital – where yes it was a confirmed fracture, I remember thinking thank god its not my kid cause neither me or hubby could have driven and if we had to go to the hospital would have rocked up reeking of booze – parenting fail.

On previous sober periods when my kids have been ill with tummy bugs and spent the whole night vommiting etc I have been so so so grateful that I’m sober and able to deal with the whole thing patiently, sensibly and without resenting my child for keeping me up all night drunk/hungover.

The moral of the story: Its so much easier to deal with sick children when sober.

Now I need to go and have a mid day nap to get over last nights sleep deprivation.


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